Athletic Scholarships

When we think about Husky pride, we often think about a historic game, outstanding performance or championship victory. But Husky pride is also about celebrating what happens off of the field—celebrating what our student-athletes have accomplished professionally and personally.

Like many of their peers, student-athletes feel a financial burden when it comes to higher education. Rising operational costs and decreased public funding for schools have affected them as much as anyone . . . maybe more.

Athletic scholarships give our athletes the financial security they need, while recognizing their hard work and maintaining our program’s competitive edge.

Establish a Scholarship

  • Help the athletics department remain competitive.
  • Give students added financial security and relief from part-time work schedules.
  • Recognize and reward high-achieving athletes.
  • Allow students to continue playing the sports they love.

Endowed Athletic Scholarships

Endowed athletic scholarships are permanent and perpetual. The principal gift is invested, and a portion of the interest funds the athletic scholarship award. The principal remains untouched, allowing the endowment to last in perpetuity.

  1. Named Endowed Athletic Scholarships
    • Established with a principal gift of $25,000 or more
    • Single gift or annual installments over five years
    • Early release of funds possible with increased annual pledge
  2. Virtual Named Endowed Athletic Scholarships
    • Planned giving option
    • Minimum annual commitment of $1,000 and a minimum deferred gift of at least $25,000

Annual Athletic Scholarships

Annual athletic scholarships are funds established for immediate use. They do not earn additional interest income. These scholarships provide immediate impact, as funds are disbursed to the student recipient in the semester immediately following the donor’s contribution.

  1. Named Annual Scholarships
    • Funded with a gift of $10,000 or more
    • Single payment or annual installments over four years

    Your Personal Gift

    Supporting an athletic scholarship allows you to create a legacy that will be gratefully remembered by the students you help. When establishing a scholarship fund, you can:

    • Direct your gift to areas of interest that support students in a specific sport or across all athletics.
    • Specify scholarship criteria important to you.
    • Name your scholarship in honor or in memory of an individual.
    • Receive possible tax benefits, when applicable.

    To get started, contact the Bloomsburg University Foundation at 855-BU2-GIVE or donate to the campaign online.

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