The Campaign

Bloomsburg University prides itself on providing educational experiences that transform lives. Our graduates — many first-generation college students from across Pennsylvania and beyond — point to their experiences at Bloomsburg as setting the course for future accomplishments.

There is an amazing momentum at Bloomsburg University. We’re different than we were even a decade ago: greater in number, broader in programs, more engaged with our community and world. Still, we passionately hold on to who we are and remain committed to what we do best: preparing students for personal and professional success.

Meeting Challenges and Seizing Opportunities. Together.

State Funding

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In 1984, state appropriations accounted for 65 percent of Bloomsburg University’s revenues. By 2014, that figure dropped to just 25 percent.

Public universities that thrive today do so with a healthy mix of public and private funds. Like many schools, we’ve had to adjust to cutbacks in traditional sources of revenue. We’re thankful for the funding we receive from the commonwealth. But state dollars, essential to our fiscal health, can no longer be stretched to fulfill our ambitions.

That’s why we’ve launched the It’s Personal campaign.

By taking a moment to reflect on your own profound experiences with Bloomsburg University, you can set the course for an even brighter tomorrow for our students. It’s up to the greater Bloomsburg University community to ensure we can continue to offer a high-quality education. You can take ownership of the future to help fund new programs and emerging priorities.

Campaign Priorities

A Goal of $50 Million: to be directly invested in the students and faculty of Bloomsburg University

Through the personal gifts of those who have been impacted by our university, this campaign aims to create more opportunities for current and future students and faculty. By funding academic and athletic scholarships, professional experience opportunities, and faculty development, we hope to continue our tradition of providing exceptional experiences that transform lives.

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Campaign Cabinet

  • Duane Greenly, Chair
  • Mike Boguski
  • Ed Breiner
  • Nick Giuffre
  • Barbara Hudock
  • Drew Hostetter
  • Susan McDowell
  • Pat Mica
  • Joe Mowad
  • Steph Pettit
  • Terry Zeigler

Make A Gift

Your gift is personal — both self-fulfilling and far-reaching. It’s an investment that will continue to have a profound impact on students, faculty and alumni. Bloomsburg University continues to shape our community and our people. With your gift, we help shape our university’s tomorrow.

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