Thank You for making it Personal!

Thank You BU Faculty and Staff!

We are thrilled to share with you that the We make it Personal Bloomsburg University Faculty and Staff Campaign has surpassed its goal of boosting participation among faculty and staff from 18% to 25%. The current participation rate has reached 30%!

Below are just a few campaign highlights and examples of the different ways your colleagues have chosen to show their support:


Facilities Team Establishes New Fund

BU Facilities Team

"We've been Facilitating student success since 1839!"

Several members of the Bloomsburg University Facilities Department joined their collective gifts together to create a new fund that will benefit BU students.

The Facilities Staff Scholarship will be awarded to help any incoming freshman student from Pennsylvania who has been accepted to BU and has financial need.

Two Departments Achieve 100% Participation

Human Resources

HR Department achieves 100% participation in staff giving!

Each faculty and staff member from the Department of Accounting along with the entire Bloomsburg University Human Resources team (pictured at left) stepped up to show that they heard the message loud and clear that participation was key.

These two departments achieved 100% participation with each member making their own personal gifts to support areas within the university that were meaningful to them!

Thank you for your participation and for showing your fellow faculty and staff members your commitment to Bloomsburg University and its students through your generosity. By extending your contributions – beyond the time and talent that you already give every day – to include philanthropy, you have expressed your belief in Bloomsburg University’s mission and actively support our long-standing culture of excellence. If you have not yet made your gift, please click here to choose the area that you would like to support!
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