October 13, 2015

Distinguished Professor Award Furthers Good Work

Today’s graduates begin their careers idealistically and enthusiastically with a goal to do “good work,” i.e., work characterized by excellence, engagement and ethics. A newly-established distinguished professor faculty award will support that goal.

“Graduates must perform at the highest level of their professions; be fully engaged in what they do; and consider the interests of others before their own,” says Joan Miller, Ph.D., professor emeritus. “Young people entering professional life all aspire to do good work but often they face challenges.” 

An example is the new nurse who, because of job pressures, doesn’t feel as if she/he can spend the necessary quality time in patient care. In seeking not to compromise values when faced with the time constraints in delivery of care, the young professional experiences stress. Another example is the fierce competition to achieve recognition and advance through the ranks that exists in the workplace. How does the young professional handle the pressures while adhering to the principles of good work?  

“Because of the competition, many young people feel the need to set aside their values until they achieve security in their position,” says Joan. “It is my passion to reverse that trend.”    

To help students learn how to respond to the challenges, Joan and her husband, Fred, established the Joan and Fred Miller Distinguished Professor of Good Work. When named, the distinguished professor will be committed to the theory and concept of good work through the creative choice of options to enhance students’ learning experiences. Efforts to sustain this commitment may include support for research, academic conferences and time for reflection on how she/he might model and promote good work among our student population.

“Fred and I are committed to support the distinguished professor award in an effort to sustain the university’s commitment to excellence, ethics and engagement among our current and future faculty and students.” 

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