February 15, 2016

Carver Hall Bell Rings to Honor Faculty Fellows

Victoria Geyfman, Ph.D., Mark Bauman, Ph.D., and Stephen Clickard, Ph.D. were recently designated as Faculty Fellows. On Wednesday, Feb. 17, the bell above Carver Hall rang to mark this milestone and celebrate the impact this announcement will have on the BU community.

These faculty members were chosen to receive the inaugural fellowships because of their continued commitment to outstanding teaching along with a devotion to encouraging student success through career advisement and support of experiential learning activities.

“I am honored and humbled to be selected to receive the fellowship,” said Dr. Geyfman, professor of finance, who was awarded the Michael and Bree Gillespie Fellowship in the College of Business, “It is very rewarding to be recognized by the university and fellow faculty, and I’m looking forward to putting the funds to use in helping enhance educational experiences for our students.”

The faculty fellowships will have a lasting impact; not just on the faculty members who receive them, but on the entire university community. The immediate impact comes in the form of each recipient entering into a two-year term beginning July 1, 2016, which includes an annual stipend of $2,500 from the Bloomsburg University Foundation to enhance scholarship and create professional and applied learning opportunities for students.

But it is the long-term impact of the fellowships that makes them so essential to the continued success of Bloomsburg University. Investing in dedicated and deserving faculty members demonstrates the university’s commitment to recognizing and retaining top-notch scholars. It will also serve to help BU gain a better position among its competitors in the recruitment of outstanding faculty members moving forward.

“Receiving this honor means a lot,” said Dr. Clickard, professor and chair of music, recipient of the Jack and Helen Evans Fellowship in the College of Liberal Arts, “It shows that I’m being recognized for the work I’m doing and will allow me to do even more to help students, while pursuing my own scholarly activities.” 

The faculty fellowships will also impact the most important members of Bloomsburg University’s community; students. With funding received through the faculty fellowships, recipients will have the opportunity to create new programs and curriculum that will help connect students with their professional endeavors. 

Dr. Clickard is considering using the funds to create and produce a professional recording. By enlisting students in the Bachelor of Arts: Audio Visual Recording Tract to work in the studio to complete this project, he can help enhance his students’ educational experience while also showcasing the degree track within the department of Music, Theatre and Dance. “This will give the students the chance to gain hands-on professional experience and to network with professional musicians,” Clickard added.

Dr. Bauman, associate professor of teaching and learning, and recipient of the Vicki and Jack Mihalik Fellowship in the College of Education, has been thinking about a way to use the funds provided though the fellowship to impact students, both in his program and on the broader, BU campus. He has a number of ideas, but isn’t ready to commit to just one. “Part of the challenge is identifying projects and opportunities that are not only important and powerful, but that are also feasible,” Bauman said.

Much of Dr. Bauman’s work is done with students who are preparing to enter careers in college administration and student affairs, and his desire is to have a significant and lasting impact on these students. “After having the opportunity to talk with the Mihaliks, I’ve generated a number of ideas that I think would honor all of our collective interests and have the potential to impact not only the students I work with, but also the broader BU student population,” added Bauman.

Opportunities to receive future Faculty Fellowships will inspire current faculty members to new levels of academic achievement and continue to foster innovative teaching methods and experiential learning opportunities for Bloomsburg University students.

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