February 15, 2016

Helping Students Like Us

Joe '74 and Joy Jacques

Owner & CEO: Jacques Financial, LLC, Rockville, MD
Major: Accounting
Area of Support: Joe and Joy Jacques Accounting Scholarship

I was an okay student in high school, but I really excelled in college because I had identified my strengths and was able to apply myself. And Bloomsburg was very nurturing during that process. It gave me the broad background to work in a variety of disciplines and eventually start my own business.

When you’ve been successful, you tend to look back and realize that you didn’t do it all on your own. That’s when I felt I wanted to do more for the school. By funding a scholarship, my wife and I can help students like us—the hard workers (often first-generation college students) who don’t necessarily have all the advantages or the highest GPA, but have the drive.

Every year I come back, I am more inspired by these students’ stories and the great things they are accomplishing by working hard. There’s no greater sense of reward than seeing these motivated kids achieving their dreams. Just by giving a little you can make a big difference in their lives and their careers.
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