April 08, 2016

Motivation to Excel

Olivia Wolfe '18

Major: Early Childhood Education
Hometown: Sugarloaf, PA

Olivia Wolfe, class of 2018, had already decided to attend Bloomsburg when she received word that she had been awarded the C.H. Burgess Scholarship. Her mother is a BU alum and her sister will complete her undergraduate degree at BU this summer, so it was a natural choice. Still, the cost of a college education had her worried, so she was especially grateful for the award.  

“This scholarship has given me the chance to focus on putting my best foot forward rather than expending all my energy worrying about the financial burden of college,” says Olivia. “This allows me to concentrate on reaching academic goals and pushing myself academically.”

The Sugarloaf, Pa. native and former valedictorian of her high school class has enjoyed her first year and all the campus has to offer, especially the library, with its extensive print and online resources. “It also offers a quiet environment conducive to productive studying,” says Olivia. 

Olivia, an Early Childhood Education major, works part time to help pay for college costs and says she would have had to borrow more money had it not been for the scholarship. But more importantly, she says the scholarship motivates her to do her best in school.

“I’m incredibly grateful to the generous donors who gave to assist me in fulfilling my dreams,” says Olivia. “The fact that they did decide to donate to help me through school only makes me want to strive to do my very best and to be the best student I can be to show that their donations really do make a difference.”

Olivia wants donors to know how much their gifts mean, saying they can positively impact students in a mighty way and give students the ability to focus on becoming “the best educator, engineer or nurse they can be.”

“Students’ lives can be changed through the help of donors,” says Olivia. “They can become more active members on campus, as they may not have to work as much to pay for their schooling. For some students, such a donation can mean the difference between attending college and not attending college, and in today’s competitive job market, a college degree is almost essential.” 

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