February 15, 2016

A Changed Path

Ezra Ranco '17

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Collegeville, PA
Sports: Football, Track & Field
Scholarship Received: Jahri Evans Football Endowed Scholarship

For me, coming to college was scary. I never saw myself as a college person and thought maybe I'd just go to a community college, but receiving a scholarship to play football for Bloomsburg changed my path.

It's really exciting to be able to represent Bloomsburg on the football field, because a lot of people come out to watch the game. It makes me want to play harder and live up to the expectations the fans have for our team.

But what I enjoy most about being at Bloomsburg is the home-like feel and the support that's available. Beyond helping me on the field, my coaches have given me direction in other aspects of my life. They guided me in choosing my major and taught me how to manage my time well.

The athletic scholarship I received helps a lot, because I'm not constantly worrying about where I'm going to get the money to pay for my education. Had it not been for this scholarship and the opportunity to play football, I wouldn't be as confident in myself and my future as I am today.

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