January 29, 2016

Returning Home

Brigid Kyne '17

Major: Criminal Justice
Sport: Lacrosse
Hometown: Newtown Square, PA

They’re making my dream come true—getting an education and playing lacrosse. I always knew I wanted to play in college, but it’s amazing that, through this athletic scholarship, doing well in the sport I love is helping to pay for my education.

With two other brothers in college, it was tight financially for my family, and the scholarship helped me so much. I don’t know if I’d be returning to Bloomsburg without it. I’m grateful that I can continue to pursue my career path at a place that makes me feel happy and at home. I just love it here. The professors are very supportive and understanding, my team has been so welcoming, and my coach motivates me to work hard both on the field and in the classroom.

As student-athletes, we give up a lot of our free time. If you’re not in the classroom, you’re either practicing or working out. Athletic scholarships not only help fill the gap financially, but reward that hard work. Because ultimately, it’s an education I’m after—lacrosse is just something I love to do.
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